The BG Energy Solutions Apprentice; how BGES is growing a new breed of skilled UK worker

The BG Energy Solutions Apprentice; how BGES is growing a new breed of skilled UK worker

BG Energy Solutions (BGES) is taking its apprenticeship scheme further than even before, with the recent intake of four new apprentices. Combined, this represents 10% of the BGES workforce; a firm indication of the company’s commitment to homegrown engineering talent.


Three of BGES’ new apprentices have been placed through the JTL apprenticeship scheme: Liam Hill, who previously completed an NVQ in Electrical Technology before joining BGES, and Daniel Smart and Kyle Stothard, who have both joined BGES on Year 4 of the scheme. All three will complete an NVQ Level 3 in Installation of Electro-Technical Systems and Equipment.

BGES also has its own in-house panel workshop; and has recently appointed Kristian Simpson as an Apprentice Panel Builder. This is a ‘hands on’ role where Kristian will learn new skills from the wealth of experience in the workshop.


As well as the formal, nationally recognised qualification route, BGES also has its own in-house apprenticeship scheme that has been put in place due to the skills gap widening. This pro-active approach sees that apprentices are not restricted to learning one subject. In-depth training is given across five areas of expertise, so that skills are gained across the whole spectrum, including:

1. On-site Installation of BMS power and control wiring
2. Panel build and wiring,
3. Remote bureau and customer interaction
4. Service calls and PPM’s
5. Commissioning of BMS systems

The end result is an engineer with a well-rounded knowledge base, capable of delivering the high standards expected of all BGES engineers.

Apprentices are assigned to a personal guide from the company’s team of highly experienced engineers. Here, they will receive mentoring and practical on the job training. And of course, in addition to working towards their qualifications, all four will be sent on additional health & safety training courses.


“We personally make sure that all our apprentices will have passed their ECS Health & Safety Assessment, and gained their ECS card for site working, asbestos awareness, IPAF and PASMA,” explains Gareth Barber, Managing Director, BGES.

“I’m proud that BGES is investing in young local people and providing excellent training and career path opportunities. Of course, BGES is a responsible employer, but there is more to it than this.

“Many youngsters are disincentivised by politics, and disheartened by low wages and the number of unpaid placements, misleadingly advertised as ‘opportunities’ to grow a CV. We regard this as scandalous. The government is continuing to push young people into taking the university route to qualifications, but this doesn’t suit everyone. For those who want vocational, hands on experience, an apprenticeship is a fantastic way to make use of a young person’s strengths.

“All young people should be paid, guided and nurtured, not taken advantage of by ethically dubious firms. At BGES, we are showing leadership in this area, and offering genuine career guidance and advancement.

“BGES is proud to be investing in its people; building a skilled UK workforce is key to ensuring the UK’s future prosperity.”

BG Energy Solutions delivers turnkey solutions for energy efficiency to industry and the built environment. The company’s roots lie in building controls, and as an ‘open systems house’, offers expertise as a Trend, Niagra Systems, Tridium, Honeywell and Delta Controls integrator.