Achieving your full potential: Here’s why BG’s the place to #BecomeGreater

Achieving your full potential: Here’s why BG’s the place to #BecomeGreater

People are at the heart of our business at BGES. Our culture is all about investing in our people and helping them to achieve their full potential in their careers. So, what does this mean in practice? Well, it’s certainly not hollow words. We really do commit to investing in personal and professional training and development programme at all levels of the business – there’s no doubt this is one of the things that sets us apart from many of the other built environment services/engineering companies out there.

Perhaps it’s because so many of us at BGES – including our MD Gareth Barber – have come from British military backgrounds – that we place such high importance on the value of training and development. We know its value. And, we know it builds confidence and morale too – which in turn benefits the business too through increased loyalty.

In fact, we discuss training needs at every management meeting – thereby ensuring we understand, plan for and protect ourselves against any skills gaps (you can read our thoughts about this here) we might have in the business. And, we know from feedback from our team that this demonstrates we’re an organisation where people feel valued. This is the same if you’re a young apprentice, or an experienced engineer with plenty of time served on your side.

It won’t surprise you to learn that 50 per cent of our staff are currently on long-term professional development courses. It’s something we’re very proud to share with the world.

Let’s look at the numbers…

  • 8 BGES engineers on BCIA level 1 to 6 courses
  • 5 BGES senior managers on ILM level 5
  • 5 BGES junior managers on ILM level 3
  • 4 BGES engineers on electrical testing & inspection courses
  • 2 BGES engineers on electrical & electronics courses
  • 1 BGES engineer is on a mechanical MSc

Impressive stuff, isn’t it?

In addition to all this, we also encourage the team to partake in relevant day release courses with various BMS manufacturers. And, of course we regularly send our colleagues on health and safety courses too.

Why not #BecomeGreater

Gareth Barber, our MD shares his thoughts:

“We’re all about the personal development of our team. Sometimes it’s about learning from others within the business – and this is welcomed and capitalised upon. And, sometimes it’s about undertaking external training and development that truly helps people to achieve their full potential – or, as like to put it: BG’s a company where you can #BecomeGreater.
When we spot potential in people, we nurture it, develop it and support it. It’s what we’re all about – and we think it’s one of the main reasons we are the award-winning business we are today. If it’s a value you share too – drop us a line, we’re always interested in talking to potential team-mates who share our values and want to grow with us.”

If you’re interested in a career with BGES or would like to learn more about what we do, get in touch.