BGES welcomes energy efficiency funding for academies

BGES welcomes energy efficiency funding for academies

A new round of Salix funding is opening soon, to help academy buildings become more energy efficient.

The Salix Energy Efficiency Fund (SEEF) offers interest-free loans to individual academies, academy sixth forms, free schools and those in Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) to finance the installation of energy efficient upgrades. There are no upfront costs and the loan repayments are based on the estimated energy savings.

Over 100 technologies are eligible for SEEF funding, including a number of solutions offered by BGES, such as Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS), LED lighting, boiler controls and heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.

As well as cutting energy costs, the aim of the scheme is to create a more comfortable learning environment for students and staff via building improvements.

BMS/BEMS control system upgrades can deliver up to 40% lower energy bills, as well as reducing running costs and streamlining maintenance tasks. By improving the control of heating, cooling, lighting and ventilation, an intelligent BEMS delivers a building that runs at peak performance, but uses less energy.

The finer details of the new funding round are to follow, but in previous rounds successful projects have been required to pay for themselves within eight years through the estimated savings on energy bills. Each applicant is allowed to submit one application, although this can consist of multiple projects. Multi-Academy Trusts can submit one application for each academy within the trust.

Applying for funding

Contractors are permitted to apply for SEEF funding on behalf of clients, and BGES is well placed to offer support to academies looking to take advantage of the funding.
We can undertake site surveys to identify and recommend the most cost-effective opportunities for technology upgrades, and support schools with the application process.
Once funding has been granted, we will manage the design, project management and technology installation in full.
BGES was founded 25 years ago and since then we’ve improved the energy efficiency of thousands of buildings in the UK through the design and installation of intelligent technology.

The new round of SEEF funding will be made available in autumn 2020 – more details to follow from Salix. If you are looking to take advantage of the scheme, we can advise you on solutions that will deliver the greatest payback in terms of cost, carbon and comfort. Get in touch for advice.