Energy efficiency: the hidden opportunities to boost cinema profits

Energy efficiency: the hidden opportunities to boost cinema profits

Despite regular predictions of the sector’s decline, last year UK cinema attendance saw its highest levels for 50 years.

But, as ever, the industry is competing with at-home entertainment which keeps innovating – smart TVs and streaming services offer consumers endless movie choice, anytime, from multiple devices.

In response, cinemas are investing in facilities that offer visitors the ‘wow’ factor. Take the rise of the luxury cinema movement, for example: Sofas, footstools, cocktails, waiter service – even cashmere blankets – are just some of the perks that are on offer to elevate the experience beyond a simple movie screening.

Staying competitive with energy efficiency

It’s clear that cinemas can’t economise on visitor luxuries if they want to succeed. So for a healthy bottom line, operators are looking at other ways to reduce costs – and energy is a great place to start.

Energy accounts for a significant portion of cinema operating costs – heating, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting must all be working well to ensure a comfortable visitor experience. But at BGES we estimate there is a lot of energy wastage too – for example, entire auditoriums that are being unnecessarily heated/cooled at maximum capacity even when occupancy levels are zero.

Tackling energy waste

As a solution, our VISTA energy management tool has been designed to add a layer of intelligence to the way cinemas control the temperature and ventilation in auditoriums.

It integrates with BMS and HVAC functions – and reduces energy by adjusting temperature and ventilation in line with actual occupancy levels – a first in the cinema sector.

The result is a step change improvement in energy visibility, optimised building control and guaranteed energy savings.

Vue Entertainment

One of our customers, Vue Entertainment, is relying on VISTA at 85 of its cinemas in the UK and Ireland. The brief was to reduce energy use and maintenance costs, without affecting the customer experience. Ensuring that HVAC is running at optimum levels in each theatre is crucial for customer comfort – a theatre that is too cold, hot or too stuffy can be bad for the brand.
VISTA seamlessly integrates with the buildings’ HVAC plant, ticket booking system and real time projector – and adjusts heating and ventilation in response to auditorium occupancy levels.

As a result, Vue is saving 61% a year on energy. The company is also saving an additional £400k per year on call-out avoidance, thanks to remote monitoring.

Energy efficiency may not be front of mind for cinema operators looking for the ‘next big thing’ to delight customers. But the money saved by tackling energy waste can be re-invested into top class facilities that give people a reason to keep coming through the doors.

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