BGES are so confident that we can identify and fix energy waste, we offer a saving guarantee on our work. Don’t save, don’t pay
BGES On-LIne (Energy Portal)

With all the benefits of BG On-Line, with live on-line dashboards for easy end user energy performance & reporting.

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Remote Site Optimisation

The eCC will connect remotely to the BeMS system and amend the system strategy, parameters and settings to ensure all connected plant/lighting systems only operate when required, maximising energy savings and plant life expectancy.

BeMS Exception

On days where sites operate under reduced or increased occupancy hours, the eCC will program the BeMS in advance of the date of the event. This ensures that on days where building occupancy is reduced, energy consumption is also reduced and on days/periods where occupancy is increased, the building comfort conditions are not unduly compromised as a result.

System Override Management – Energy

Where direct remote connectivity is available to the sites BeMS, the eCC will configure override alarms and energy ‘top hats’ within those controllers to send alarms back to the eCC when sites are found to be performing poorly this is frequently abuse the override features connected to the HVAC and lighting.

Day v Night Energy Plan

Using our BGES On-Line, and where site energy metering data is available, the eCC will be alerted to sites where high energy wastage is occurring. The eCC will then investigate and identify the root cause of the alert either via remote connectivity to the site BeMS or by engaging with site staff to obtain the reasons for the excess alert.

Staff Education Training (Behavioural change)

Where a site is under a change of manager / staff during the Contract, the BG Energy Solutions team will provide training in the form of a brief overview & understanding of the BeMS System, why it’s installed and its function to the relevant staff. BGES will provide a site pack indicating key contacts and processes for good site practise.


Sometimes it is necessary to add additional sub-metering to a building, maybe for an Energy Plan and tenant billing. We provide sub-metering strategies which ensure you can monitor and manage your energy useage. Read More on Sub Metering

Energy Savings Standard

For all energy grade audits, plans and performance contracts (EPC), BGES utilises the internationally recognized process known as IPMVP for the verification of savings. BGES hold Chartered status CMVP to provide a comprehensive system from the initial benchmarking of energy use ahead of M&V through to the final Measurement and Verification reports.

CMVP Logo - CMPV Energy Savings Standard

The IPMVP, is the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol This framework is recommended by efficiency authorities such as the Carbon Trust.

The IPMVP, is the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol
Additional Services
  • On Site Assist 24
  • On Site Urgent Assist 4
  • Remote Connectivity VPN/APN/3G Supply & Installation
  • White Labelling Tech Call Centre
  • Vista Lite
  • Vista Pro – with ecopilot
  • Audits
  • Performance Contracts (EPC)
  • Comfort & Lighting Policy Management
  • Meter Installations – Electric/Heat/Gas/Water
  • Demand Side Response (Smart Grid)
  • LED Lighting installations

Don’t Save, Don’t Pay

BGES are so confident that we can identify and fix this energy waste, we offer a saving guarantee on our work

State-of-the-art Energy & Controls Centre

Our state-of-the-art Energy & Controls Centre (eCC) is the centre of delivering additional value to our customers. From our HQ in Sheffield, we are remotely connected to over 400 locations across the UK and Europe and remotely manage and control thousands of building assets across the private and public sectors. We save you energy, by monitoring, analysing and managing thousands of operational and metering data points every day to then produce client bespoke reports.