Gridwatch: a real-time look at the UK’s energy mix

Gridwatch: a real-time look at the UK’s energy mix

BGES is pleased to add a new feature to our website: Gridwatch, the go-to resource for live data on the UK’s energy demand and generation mix.

Real-time data is available on exactly what the UK’s electricity grid is doing at any one time. The site pulls information from Elexon reports and presents it in a feature-rich graphical format that is easy to understand.

The site provides a snapshot of current energy demand, frequency, and the proportion of electricity that is being generated by coal, CCGT, nuclear, solar and other renewable sources.

Users can perform specific searches, retrieve archived data and do statistical analysis on current and past trends. Energy management professionals can use this insight to make informed decisions on energy challenges and opportunities.

You can access Gridwatch from the main menu on our site. Take a look at Gridwatch here.