Hotel focus: How to save energy and improve customer comfort

Hotel focus: How to save energy and improve customer comfort

The hospitality industry is the UK’s third biggest energy consumer, according to government statistics. Heating alone can account for 60% of a hotel’s energy spend, while lighting can make up 25%.

Energy efficiency therefore presents a good opportunity for hotels to boost their bottom line, as well as enhancing brand image.

The challenge, of course, is addressing energy waste without affecting the guest experience. Customers may be increasingly eco-conscious, but don’t want to compromise on luxury and comfort. Temperature, ventilation, lighting – and control over individual rooms – these are crucial elements of a pleasant stay.

However, with recent advances in Building Management System technology, it is possible to intelligently manage energy use and even improve customer comfort at the same time.

Comfort and optimisation

Our VISTA energy management tool has been designed with the hospitality sector in mind. Using the thermal mass signature of a building, it improves comfort conditions, while automatically optimising energy usage from HVAC systems. It achieves estate-wide efficiency by enabling various systems to work in harmony – rather than against – each other.

VISTA integrates seamlessly into an existing BMS, HVAC plant, lighting control and other smart interfaces, in order to save energy by operating both intelligently and efficiently. It takes on-board live weather forecasts, energy tariff data and building operation trends, to optimise energy use and improve occupant comfort.

Real-time occupancy data

VISTA can also interface with 3rd party room booking systems and Building Management System platforms to optimise (in real-time) the internal ‘environmental’ controls of the building. That means for example, rooms are only heated/cooled when guests are staying, catalysing significant cost savings. Energy savings are typically 20%, and ROI is expected in under 2 years.

If you’d like to know more about VISTA, or need advice on how to reduce your hotel’s energy use, get in touch.